TypeDoc's entryPointStrategy: Packages is dedicated support for monorepo projects. TypeDoc will attempt to determine entry points based on package.json's main property (with default value index.js) and if it wasn't found, based on types property. If any of the packages given are the root of an npm Workspace or a Yarn Workspace TypeDoc will find all the workspaces defined in the package.json. Each found package will be rendered by TypeDoc as a module.

You may also need to configure TypeDoc for each child package using config field typedoc in package.json file for TypeDoc to work properly.

TypeDoc package config

Example config in child package's package.json:

"name": "child-package",
"version": "1.0.0",
"typedoc": {
"entryPoint": "./src/index.ts",
"readmeFile": "./",
"displayName": "Child Package"

All of these options are optional


Entry point strategy Packages requires sourcemaps in your JS entry points or that you specify the TypeDoc entry point in your package.json to tell TypeDoc where your entry point TypeScript source. Supports wildcard paths in the same fashion as those found in npm or Yarn workspaces.


Path to the readme file that should be displayed on the index page of the package doc.


The name of the package that will be used when rendering the doc. If none provided, the default name will be the name of the package specified in package.json file.