Class SignatureReflection

Base class for all reflection classes.

While generating a documentation, TypeDoc generates an instance of ProjectReflection as the root for all reflections within the project. All other reflections are represented by the DeclarationReflection class.

This base class exposes the basic properties one may use to traverse the reflection tree. You can use the children and parent properties to walk the tree. The groups property contains a list of all children grouped and sorted for rendering.




flags: ReflectionFlags = ...
id: number

Unique id of this reflection.

The kind of this reflection.

name: string

The symbol name of this reflection.

originalName: string

The original name of the TypeScript declaration.

The reflection this reflection is a child of.

anchor?: string

The name of the anchor of this child. TODO: Reflections shouldn't know anchors exist. Move this to a serializer.

comment?: Comment

The parsed documentation comment attached to this reflection.

cssClasses?: string

A list of generated css classes that should be applied to representations of this reflection in the generated markup. TODO: Reflections shouldn't know about CSS. Move this property to the correct serializer.

hasOwnDocument?: boolean

Is the url pointing to an individual document?

When FALSE, the url points to an anchor tag on a page of a different reflection. TODO: Reflections shouldn't know how they are rendered. Move this to the correct serializer.

implementationOf?: ReferenceType

A type that points to the reflection this reflection is the implementation of.

Applies to class members.

inheritedFrom?: ReferenceType

A type that points to the reflection this reflection has been inherited from.

Applies to interface and class members.

kindString?: string

The human readable string representation of the kind of this reflection. Set during the resolution phase by GroupPlugin

label?: string

Label associated with this reflection, if any ( Added by the CommentPlugin during resolution.

overwrites?: ReferenceType

A type that points to the reflection that has been overwritten by this reflection.

Applies to interface and class members.

parameters?: ParameterReflection[]
sources?: SourceReference[]

A list of all source files that contributed to this reflection.

type?: SomeType
typeParameters?: TypeParameterReflection[]
url?: string

The url of this reflection in the generated documentation. TODO: Reflections shouldn't know urls exist. Move this to a serializer.



  • Try to find a reflection by its name.


    The found reflection or null.


    This method not be used, it naively splits the name by a . and searches recursively up the parent tree, which is not how any other name resolver works. If you are currently using this and need another method, please open an issue. For tests getChildByName should generally be sufficient.


    • arg: string | string[]

    Returns undefined | Reflection

  • Return the full name of this reflection. Intended for use in debugging. For log messages intended to be displayed to the user for them to fix, prefer getFriendlyFullName instead.

    The full name contains the name of this reflection and the names of all parent reflections.


    The full name of this reflection.


    • separator: string = "."

      Separator used to join the names of the reflections.

    Returns string

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